It is best practice to prepare some questions to ask during your interview. This shows the employer you are keen to find out more about the company and are interested to work with them.

Here are some great examples:


“How would you describe the culture of your company?”

Every company has core values which they believe sets them apart from the rest. It provides them with a perfect opportunity to sell themselves to you and highlight any defining differentiators.  Refer back to things you have researched online.


“Why has this position become available?”

This gives you the chance to find out exactly why they’re interviewing. It may not be a negative i.e. someone has left, but a positive if the company is expanding for any reason.


“What has the staff turnover rate of the department been?”

This gives you a good insight into the culture and operations of a company. Again, it may not be a negative; sales companies often have high-turnover as is the nature of the industry.


“Do you have an appraisal system? How does it work?”

By asking this question you are showing your enthusiasm to receive feedback, constructive criticism and appraisals. Any hands-on business will appreciate an employee who is keen to progress, develop and learn.


“Does the company provide a training programme?”

Similar to the previous, this gives you an opportunity to show you’re proactive towards development. It is also good for you to find out these things before starting at a new company so you know what to expect from your potential employer.


 “Beyond the actual job, what are your expectations?”

Unless the job you’re applying for is a general ‘pushing paper’ type role, you’re probably keen to take on extra responsibilities and prove your commitment to your work. This doesn’t mean working ridiculous hours! It is simply a chance to find out how they recognise a ‘successful’ employee and what they expect from you beyond the basic job specification.


“What would be the next career step?”

Asking this question shows your willingness to progress within the company and your enthusiasm to be there long-term. It also provides you with the perfect opportunity to see how your role might evolve within the company.


These examples are just a handful of questions you could ask at your job interview, your Rubicon Consultant will be able to go through any of these with you and ensure you have one or two questions prepared before the day. Good luck!

For further advice speak to one of our specialist Recruitment Consultants by calling 01202 680 311. Happy job hunting!

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