Oct 23 2017


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Negotiation Skills


Do you want to learn new negotiation skills and techniques, gain confidence in handling difficult conflicts and achieve measurably better deals?

Negotiation and influencing are essential skills critical for business and personal success. However, in many ways these skills are often treated as ‘assumed life skills’ that will be picked up along the way as people progress in their career.

This course will help you discover win/win situations which, by using a structured approach, will help you gain the confidence to achieve the results you desire.

Participants have found this course helpful both at work and in their private lives, saving thousands of pounds on houses, cars and procurement for their employers.

Every participant receives a free book as well as comprehensive notes.


  • Negotiating is a structured process
  • The preamble, what to say, what to avoid saying and what to find out
  • Opening offers – how to pitch them and justify them
  • How to remain assertive when negotiating
  • Is it OK to lie
  • Bargaining techniques like the Vice, the Salami, and the Reluctant Seller
  • How to use and counter; the Flinch, Higher authority, Knocking the Product, the Nibble, and the Quivering Pen
  • Closing – ensuring that agreements are water-tight
  • How to put the theory into practice in a low-risk way.

Cost: Rates available on request.  If you are a client of Rubicon, you will receive a discount.


Available on request, discounts available.
Chris Croft


Chris Croft
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