Client Testimonials

Obviously we think we’re brilliant, but why take our word for it? Below are the latest comments from our amazing clients:


I am very happy with the way that Rubicon operates and qualifies their candidates. Most agencies just put a header and footer onto a CV without understanding anything about the candidate and the requirements of the role, however, Rubicon ensures that their candidates are suitable and well prepared.  We will definitely come back to Rubicon with IT roles in the future.


Thank you so much for your work on this role, you’ve worked really hard.  I know it was a tough role to fill and it was worth the wait for the two stars we saw today!  Really pleased Amy has accepted and we are looking forward to having her start with us soon! Thanks so much Rubicon.


We’ve been really impressed with the service Rubicon has provided, so much so that we will be recommending them to a couple of contacts we know are in need of their help.  We’ve worked with the specialists across three different sectors who have all provided high calibre candidates for interview.  With one particular role we were so impressed with the candidates that we interviewed, we couldn’t decide between them, so we offered both! Thank you for all your help.


Very impressed with the calibre of candidates so far and based on the first interviews we’ve liked every person Rubicon have put forward. This is great for us having spent weeks interviewing non-impressive candidates from other agencies.  Very pleased indeed!


It’s the first time we’ve used a recruitment agency for recruiting within the operations division and Rubicon has made it a positive experience by providing quality candidates, being in constant communication and placing a candidate well above the standards that we normally see.


Previously we always used two agencies and I would always fairly split the temporary orders/requirements between them both. This changed with our last order, purely due to the relationship and partnership I have built with Rubicon and how seamless the process is. We now work together as a partnership in recruiting and training


Rubicon are fantastic and so efficient.  Through working side by side with our existing members of staff, Rubicon have been able to supply incredibly bright and well suited people, something we failed at.  Rubicon have saved us time and money, we have so much trust that interviews are not necessary and candidates start on the day we have been promised.


We have used Rubicon in the past; however we have not had the need to use a recruitment agency in quite some time. When the need arose, Rubicon were our first call. Once again, you were extremely reliable – filling our vacancy very quickly. We are very impressed and happy with candidate Rubicon have found for us.


We have never used an agency before but contacted Rubicon on a Friday and a Consultant came for a visit on the Wednesday and showed us the clear benefits of using an agency. By Thursday we had been provided suitable candidates for interview and we had someone start with us on the following week. Super impressed with the professionalism and quick turn around with Rubicon.


Thank you for all of your efforts with regards to finding candidates, and of course the successful candidate!  We really needed a quick solution and Rubicon came up trumps, so thank you!


After the interview, we were dancing around the room with happiness! We couldn’t believe that Rubicon had managed to find such a good candidate so quickly!


We’ve been looking for a Sales Manager for a while now and haven’t seen any particularly strong people but we’re now with a very professional recruiting company who have been finding us excellent people.


After working with Rubicon for several years I can honestly say that they ‘get us’. All I need to do is simply pick up the phone and give them a job title and the skill I need and normally within days I’m sent a candidate, not only able to do the job but importantly that fits into the business and our culture. We now view Rubicon as our HR department rather than a supplier and would recommend them to any other local business seeking a recruitment partner.


Rubicon came into the office to go into detail about the role.  It was so useful and reminded me how fantastic our company is as I was able to talk about it in detail.  Has made me feel really positive.


I am really happy with the account management, communication and support provided by Rubicon, with excellent candidates being submitted and offers being made for roles that have been traditionally very difficult to fill.  Well done to all those involved.


Really useful experience having someone come in to find out about the role and look round the office, so useful that we’ve invited Rubicon to come back into the office to present candidates rather than doing it on the phone!


I am really pleased with the candidate that you found for us and she’s already making a huge difference to the team.  We will always come to Rubicon for any higher level/management roles we’re recruiting for.


The people you have found for us were great and after filling the position we may look to create a new role in a few months for one of the other candidates that we interviewed.


I have found the process of taking a job description exceptionally thorough.  It was useful to me as it helped solidify what we’re looking for.


I was very impressed with our meeting, the Consultant was very professional and well prepared.


I just want to say that Rubicon are Excellent and the Consultant that I spoke to for a reference was very good too.


The recruitment specification taken over the phone was thorough and it reminded me about what we were looking for.  This is a much better initial experience than we’ve had with any other agency.


You have consistently found us top candidates for interview.  It is very much a case of quality over quantity.


The calibre of candidates presented to us has been excellent and out of the two we have interviewed so far we have invited them both back for a second interview.  Rubicon definitely ‘gets’ the type of person we are looking for and we are really pleased.


I have dealt with a few agencies in the past but none of them have taken the time to come in and find out about our company.  It was really useful and I have decided to give Rubicon exclusivity on our Business Development role.


I am really pleased to be offering the job to an excellent candidate that fits everything we’re looking for.  If there was another role for the other candidate we’d offer it like a shot and there may be an opportunity in November so please stay in touch with him.  Very pleased with the work you’ve done on this role.


I am really impressed and I will be cancelling my appointments made with other agencies and giving Rubicon two roles exclusively.


Thank you for being so patient with us when we were waiting to make a decision.  Excellent service.


The thing I like best about Rubicon is that they act really quickly. If I call saying I need someone, generally I will have someone lined up for an interview later that day.


I have been working with Rubicon for a few months now and I am impressed with the Consultants’ honesty and integrity. If they say they’re going to do something they will deliver.


I’m really happy with the process that we went through with Rubicon and would happily recommend Rubicon to other departments who may have a recruitment need.  The time we spent with you in defining the role and doing the Skype interviews was time well invested. It took a bit longer but it was certainly worth it and we made sure we got the right people on board.


We had two very strong candidates from Rubicon for a maternity cover position and would have offered the role to both if we could!


Thank you Rubicon – It’s been a pleasure having the candidate work for us, he has been an enthusiastic and proactive worker with a personality that adhered him to all.


Thanks Rubicon for our new driver, he is extremely enthusiastic. We are very impressed.