Think back to the email address you had 10 years ago. If it’s anything like the ones we had, hopefully you’re not using the same address now.

The importance of having a professional email address when you’re looking for work is often over-looked.

Follow our top-tips for choosing a suitable email address to aid your job search:

What you’re known as professionally

Don’t use nicknames or relate it to anything that makes you look unprofessional. If you can, use as much of your full name as possible. A simple, neat format such as is the perfect example.

An easy to remember address

Similar to the above point, you want to use an address you’re likely to remember if someone asks you and you don’t have it to hand.

Also think about the length and the characters you’re using – imagine you need to fill in a recruitment form, is it going to fit easily? This also includes avoiding typo-prone addresses where characters can get mixed up or confused.


The current copy of your CV may last longer than you’re anticipating and you want to be able to access this email account at a later date if you need to.

It is not advisable to use a work’s email address that you’re likely to lose once you leave that position.

An address you aim to use long-term is the best way to go. You don’t want to be changing it every couple of years because you’ve forgotten it, or it no longer reflects you professionally.

Use a server you’re familiar with

Nowadays, the majority of people have access to their emails on their phone. If you’re used to Android, stick with a Gmail or Ymail account. If you’re an iPhone user use the iCloud domain. Don’t make the task difficult for yourself, use something you know.

You also want to ensure you can access it easily and will check it regularly. If you’re a suitable candidate, most recruiters want to speak to you as soon as possible.

Filter spam

If you’re putting your CV out there, or are using job boards to aid your search, you are likely to get a lot of spam or junk mail. If you don’t want this clogging up your personal email address, create a new one that is solely for your job hunting. This means easy access when checking your emails and it’s not such a chore scrolling through, trying to sort out which emails are which.

Alternatively, set up a spam filter on your account to block any unwanted mail. The downfall to this is some emails may end up in your junk when you don’t want them to, and you don’t want to miss anything important.

Personalised domain

This isn’t necessary for the majority of job-searchers, however if you are a Contractor by trade you may want to consider it. Your email address can reflect your personal brand and it is a sure way to show off your profession, e.g.

For further advice speak to one of our specialist Recruitment Consultants by calling 01202 680 311. Happy job hunting!