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Our recruitment approach is that of a consultancy rather than an agency.

The difference is significant as it entails our Recruitment Consultants spending time consulting with candidates and clients to ensure full understanding of individual needs so that requirements are entirely met.

Visit any of the websites of the numerous recruitment businesses across the UK and they will all, almost without exception, claim to be one of the “leading” or “top” or “premier” recruitment agencies in their home county or city or town. It’s all nonsense!

Our consultancy was established in 1982 and has become the trusted recruitment partner and staffing supplier to numerous successful businesses in the south. From our large recruitment centre in Poole, Dorset, we work alongside businesses across the UK to find them talented people who will help their businesses grow. We also supply temporary staff into a wide assortment of business sectors in the Dorset area itself.

We have extremely high professional standards, happiness & positivity are core to our cultural identity, and we all enjoy working with and helping others.

What sets us apart from the “recruitment agency crowd” are our core values, professional competence, high standards, collective sense of fun and innovative candidate attraction methods.

This website provides details of the specific sectors we operate successfully within.

A bit of relevant history

The idiom “Crossing the Rubicon” means to pass a point of no return and refers to Julius Caesar’s army’s crossing of the river on 10th January 49 BC, which was considered an act of revolution against the Roman senate.   It was at the banks of the Rubicon that Caesar uttered the famous phrase “alea iacta est” – the die is cast.   Once the Rubicon was crossed there would be no going back for the ambitious General or his army and defeat in Rome would have meant almost certain death and ignominy for all.

The relevance of this piece of history is twofold.   When Jocelyn & Lloyd left high ranking executive appointments, within a well-established corporate organisation, to acquire a small Dorset based recruitment agency on the south coast, they were certainly taking a decisive step from which it would have been almost impossible to retreat successfully from.   Also, when candidates are offered their next career step our Consultants are consciously aware that each individual is often also making a career decision about “crossing their own Rubicon”.

Our company name and footprint logo are constant reminders for us to take seriously the importance of the roles we play in people’s lives.