Our Values


We have a conscience and our responsibilities extend much further than the Quality, Equal Opportunities, Environmental & Sustainability policy commitments we’ve made and adhere to.

Our Managing Director is very involved with, and sits on the management committee of, LV=Streetwise Safety Centre, the award winning interactive safety education centre.   The Centre is a multi-agency partnership between the emergency services, local authorities and the business community whose remit is to increase everyday safety awareness to children.

Every year we make collections from our clients and suppliers on behalf of children’s charities and we match the same amount as we have collected in the form of a donation each Christmas. Our social responsibilities programme and charity policies keep us involved with the community and in touch with life outside work.

Culturally, our workplace practices are focused on everyone benefiting from a good work/life balance and we’ve adopted “best practice” systems for staff training and development.   Whilst we revel in delivering fantastic results for our candidates and clients, we don’t lose sight of the fact that there is life outside work – and it’s there to be enjoyed.

Our policy statements are:

Quality Statement

Everyone at rubicon is committed to leading the market in the provision of Temporary staff and in placing Permanent candidates in the specialist sectors in which we operate.

We continually work towards achieving this goal by adopting the following strategies:

  • The quality commitment of the Directors extends to ethical treatment of all our clients, temporary workers, applicants, candidates and staff
  • The Directors will continually communicate the vision, goals and philosophy of rubicon People to all our people
  • To encourage and facilitate empowerment the Directors are committed to supporting decision makers, even where a decision proves to be incorrect, provided rubicon People’s guidelines are applied
  • Our commitment to quality includes compliance with Industry and Business Standards. Therefore, our procedures are subject to regular assessment

We regularly monitor satisfaction levels with all our clients and staff to ensure we are continuously improving the level of service we provide. Any complaints are viewed as opportunities to learn and improve our service delivery and are recorded, acted upon, escalated where appropriate and monitored effectively.

Equal Opportunities Statement

rubicon intends to be an “employer of choice” within the industry and believes that goal can only be achieved by treating all employees, applicants, candidates and temporary workers fairly and by being seen to be doing just that.

We recognise our obligations under the law to eliminate discrimination on the grounds of disability, race, sex, age or marital status and to promote equal opportunity in recruitment and employment. We also understand that a right to equal pay between men and women, free of sex bias, is a fundamental principle of law.

We are committed to the promotion of equal opportunities in all aspects of recruitment regardless of sex, race, parental or marital status, age, religion, disability or any other criteria not specifically related to skills, abilities and potential.

No applicant, temporary worker or employee will be placed at a disadvantage by requirements or conditions that are not necessary to the performance of the job.

We recognise that regular monitoring is essential to the effectiveness of this policy and, therefore, periodic checks are made to ensure that discrimination does not arise.

We intend, through our Equal Opportunities Policy, to avoid unfair treatment, to fairly reward the skills, experience and contribution of all staff and, therefore, increase competitiveness and enhance the reputation of rubicon People.

Environment Statement

Everyone at rubicon is committed to leading the market in the provision of temporary staff and in placing permanent candidates in the sectors in which we operate. Therefore, we are committed to taking positive action wherever possible to influence environmental issues and these actions include:

  • Providing information and guidelines to temporary workers and staff regarding ways of maximising energy efficiency and minimising waste.
  • Designing procedures to reduce paper and make the best use of resources
  • Encouraging sharing of vehicles and the use of public transport.
  • Regular servicing of vehicles and equipment to maximise efficiency and fuel conservation
  • Giving preferential consideration to environmentally friendly products and suppliers who demonstrate higher levels of environmental concern
  • Recycling waste and the use of recycled products.