May 04 2017


09:00 AM - 11:00 AM


Rubicon Recruitment Group
71-73 High Street, Poole, BH15 1AF

Sort Out Your Sales Approach


This 2-hour course focuses on a solution to the challenges and problems we face when dealing with potential prospects and customers, from the very first contact through to the sale.  Often the greatest barrier to sales success is us.  The subconscious behaviours, beliefs, attitudes and habits that dictate how we behave in the sales process often hinder, rather than advance, the process.

On this course you’ll discover the two sales processes at work that you follow without knowing it.  Both are designed to ensure the buyer is always in control and that you and your people are converted into free consultants.  The single biggest cost in sales is bad hires for sales, the second is the hidden cost of selling.  You’ll see how and why prospects gain the upper hand and what you have done to encourage and reinforce this process.  It happens because you let it.  Unfortunately, right now, you don’t know you are. That’s where Benjamin comes in.

We’re creatures of habit, behaviour, belief and attitudes.  You’ll soon discover that the sales process has been designed to ensure that YOUR habits, behaviours, beliefs and attitudes guarantee you become a free consultant and that they, the prospect, hold all the cards.

This isn’t a selling event.  Benjamin won’t ask you to buy anything or commit to anything.  He’ll simply agree whether it’s worth having a follow up call, that’s it.

Come with an open mind.

Benjamin Dennehy is an experienced sales coach and trainer who’s been featured on TV & radio programmes in the UK.


Recruiting the right sales people (single biggest hidden cost in sales, bad sales hires)

Poor prospecting habits and behaviours of sales people

Not getting through to the right decision makers

Talking to the wrong people for too long

Handling stalls and objections

Quoting and proposing consistently but closing too few

Not closing enough or consistently

Getting too many “think it overs” that never eventuate

Sales cycle longer than it should be

Wasted time and money on sending out proposals and quotes that go nowhere

Being told you lost out on price and wondering why you did

Discounting, negotiating and excuses

Benjamin Dennehy


Benjamin Dennehy
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