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Leadership In Management


High performing leadership creates high performing teams. High performing teams build high performing companies. Is this you and your team? If not, why not?

Explore your leadership style and learn how to build your own high performing team. This course is designed to help you identify and motivate the range of possible team types, which together form part of a well-balanced team.

Learn when to adapt and use different management styles, such as delegation, coaching and involving, so team and individual performances are enhanced.

The contents of this course will vary depending on a number of factors, including: the level of the participants in the organisation, their personal experience, the time available and your requirements in terms of the company’s culture.
Every participant receives a free book as well as comprehensive notes.


Self Awareness

The Johari Window (your facade, your blind spot and their effect on management effectiveness)

Discovering real information about yourself and how others see you, from personal experiences and verbal feedback.

Understanding Teams

What is a good team

Team roles

Conflict – causes and solutions

Group Think & Risky Shift and how to avoid them.


You and your boss

The hierarchy of needs and how to apply it to real life

The dolphin and potato approach to motivating people

Different personality types and how they are motivated.

The Art of Leadership

John Adair – the process and the actions required

The management continuum – how much control to keep

Situational leadership

The Freedom Ladder

Delegation, control, and empowerment.

Chris Croft


Chris Croft
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